InventIP is the IP intelligence partner your business needs to navigate the IP landscape. We support global businesses in informed decision-making with respect to their potential IP investments, help them avoid running into troubled waters by safeguarding from potential invalidity/infringement challenges, and partner with them to identify potential monetization opportunities. Through relevant prior art searches helping you determine patentable inventions, we help in analysing and scrutinizing inventions to streamline costs. We are aware of the commercial and technical activity within the relevant domains and help you make wise patent decisions that are backed by data, IP and market analysis, and thorough research.

Our in-house professionals have been leveraging their learning curve developed through decades of practice and have the expertise of searching through sophisticated tools and resources. We take pride in helping you with innovative insights and strategies to enhance the quality and returns on your IP investment.
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Novelty & Patentability Searches
Invalidity & Validity Studies
State of the Art Studies
Patent & Technology Landscape Studies
Trademark Search
Design Search
IP/Product Watch
Creation of IP necessitates subsequent enforcement and ensuring sanctity of IP rights. At the same time, evaluating and subsequently adhering to IP boundaries set by competitors is equally important. With years of experience, our team of trained lawyers and engineers are able to identify such violation of clients' IP rights and at the same time making sure that the clients are not stepping into a landmine of IP violations, at least not without sufficient safeguards.

IP filing related strategies have a strong correlation with R&D focus of companies and thus in this technologically competitive world it becomes prudent to periodically analyse IP portfolios of competitors in order to stay ahead of the curve. Our team of experts is specialized in drawing interesting and useful competitor insights to help tailor our clients IP filing strategies.

Our approach to working in close collaborations with the inventors as well as the IP/legal teams of our clients enables us to fully understand their core technology and design successful strategies for creating and managing global patent portfolios. Our strategic advisory is always in alignment with the commercial requirements of our clients.
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Infringement Search
Evidence of Use Study
Competitive Intelligence Study
Ensuring that your 'house is in order' is the basic stepping-stone to build a clean IP strategy as well as to ensure smooth product development and launch. The number and quality of your IP have a direct impact on the potential benefits it can provide. Through IP Due Diligence and IP Audits, our professionals take a stock of your products and processes, identify the IP portfolio and its scope of protection, assess the existing third-party IP agreements so as to provide an in-depth analysis on how your IP can be further utilized or protected in your business. Our skilled auditors undertake due diligence and audits of your intellectual property to determine the complete and true value of your IP assets.
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Freedom to Operate
Clearances Search
IP Audit
We believe in empowering you to make intelligent decisions driven by data and information about your IP portfolio's competitiveness. Through our portfolio management services, we help you identify the strength of individual patents and overall value of your patent portfolio. Such a periodic assessment helps in avoiding maintaining assets that have a lower ROI or are technologically obsolete, thereby reducing better deployment of your IP budget. A closer eye on your portfolio also helps you realize true value of your IP through sale/licensing.
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Portfolio Analysis & Optimization
IP Watch
Innovation will remain an idea or thought on paper if insights are not actionable or not practicable. We look beyond conventional search strategies and work in a collaborative manner to generate actionable and practicable innovation, whereby we not only share the analysis and methodology but also keep the clients informed with interim updates and share sample output. With creativity being the fulcrum of our approach, we blend our understanding of technology, commercial strategy, client requirements and customer needs to achieve the best fit end-result and helping you select the right option, always.
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Technology Scouting
Technology Whitespace Analysis
Technology Feasibility & Maturity Assessment
Technology Monitoring
Market Research and Intelligence